USA Dance (Rocky Mount) Chapter #6095

About Us


The Rocky Mount Chapter of USA Dance originated when Vince and Martha Tesoro accepted an invitation to sit with a small group of people at a local dance in January 2005. One of the couples at the table, Rod and Terrie Buckner, saw Vince and Martha dancing the Foxtrot and expressed a desire to learn to Ballroom Dance. Vince immediately started to organize lessons at the YMCA in Rocky Mount with instructors from Raleigh. Within a year over 100 people were taking lessons at two locations on 3 separate nights. The classes moved from the Westridge YMCA, to the new YMCA and then to the brand new Imperial Center.

By December, 2005 enough people joined USA Dance for a chapter to be formed. The chapter met on December 9, 2005, elected a board of directors, and the chapter was formed.


Benefits of being a social dancer

Many of us are social dancers without any aspirations to compete. We attend chapter dances because we enjoy dancing, perhaps to learn a few new steps, to become a smoother dancer, and to socialize.

One of the best ways to do that is to dance with other people. This is one of the reasons we have mixers and line dances. It also gives single members an opportunity to meet and dance with those present.

Here are a few more reasons.

1. It allows the man to sharpen his skills as a leader.
2. It allows the women to adapt to the lead of someone different than her partner.
3. It strengthens and re-enforces basic bronze steps for everyone involved.
4. It encourages a polite and social atmosphere.
5. It promotes and emphasizes ballroom etiquette.
6. It encourages singles to attend dances.


Newcomers and dancers without partners

When new couples and singles come to our dances, they may feel intimidated by the more experienced couples on the dance floor. This is a normal reaction for most people.

We can help by asking them to dance and encouraging them to participate in the mixers.

We can re-assure them that we will dance only at their level. This will give the newcomers confidence and a feeling of belonging to a community of dancers.

We should actively encourage our fellow dancers to become members of our chapter and to participate in chapter activities. This might include helping with refreshments, decorations and set-up.

Encourage newcomers to attend practice parties.